Thank You Grooby!

One of my first scenes for Yum.
One of my first scenes for Yum.

I wanted to write this blog later in the year, around my 7-year anniversary of my first shoot with Shemale Yum, which is now branded as I had the plan to write about my last seven years in this business and thanks to Grooby for giving me a chance on this amazing ride! So, before I do all that, I want to congratulate, Grooby for all they have done for the trans girls and community over the years. The changes they are making, are making our industry bigger and better. This week, they announced that Shemale Yum (their flagship site and one of the oldest tgirl sites out there), would be rebranded as Grooby Girls. This is a big step to get rid of the term Shemale in this industry. Labels have never bothered me, but I know it does to so many trans people.

Seven years ago, Steven gave me a chance to shoot for one of their producers and we shot my first two solos for Yum in October 2010. My first set would appear in February 2011, right before I was to host the third annual Tranny Awards (now known as Transgender Erotica Awards, TEA for short). Steven and Grooby took a chance on me. They didn’t know me, but took the advice of Morgan Bailey to have me host that year. I’ve known Morgan years before either of us got into this business.

As I entered Hollywood and met so many of the girls in this business, I was taken into a sisterhood. I came in around the rise of Domino Presley, and got to meet veterans like Amy Daly, Hazel Tucker, Foxxy & Natassia Dreams. Along, with Domino and Morgan these girls brought me into a sisterhood and treated me with so much respect. Even though my career never got to a point of their careers, they always encouraged me. Just as Steven and the Grooby staff did the same for me. When he was planning to launch the Grooby Network, I was one of their first sites. I was able to make my brand and have the help of Grooby. Since big studios didn’t want to shoot me, I felt this was the way I had to go. Sitting in Steven’s office, or out at events, he always talked to me about things. He has always guided me and when I needed advice he would give the honest reply. Many will talk a lot about the guy they think they know, but I am here to tell you that he is a friend, a mentor and overall a great guy looking out for our community. When, I won my TEA Award back in 2014, I was emotional and shocked. I had a tearful speech, and I thanked Steven and Grooby back then. When I got off stage that night Steven was there to hug me. He was proud of me, but that was just a start to the bigger picture for me. That year I would go on to work with FTM niche and try to change the landscape of trans adult industry. Many times, in the last seven years, I have wanted to give up. I have never got rich off what I have done. I have been homeless in those years, lost my husband and really didn’t know why I was doing this all. But Grooby was there for me in those times.

I laugh at the stories put out about Grooby, Steven or even the name change of the Tranny Awards. Which, Morgan and I were there when he was just talking about the idea of the change. Doesn’t mean I am the reason it changed, but I had heard a lot of things over the years from Steven about changes. He always has seen the bigger picture. Kristel Penn and Steven have done a lot in last few years to brand Grooby and help the trans community, not just in the adult world.

Seven years ago, Grooby took me in like so many other girls. They have jumpstarted some of the best girls’ careers. I am so honored to have been a part of Yum, and to be a Grooby Girl. Even though, I haven’t shot for Grooby in years, I still will always be a Grooby Girl at heart. It is where it all began for me, they are my family. When they invite me to be on a trans panel, to help every year with TEA Awards, or we just hang out- the whole Grooby staff has always showed me love and respect. Thank you, Steven, I will always owe you for the years of everything. Thank you for still being so positive about what I am trying to do with my company. Thank you Kristel for being a friend, and someone I could run to and talk to when I needed to talk. You have been a champion for all of us and I am so honored for your friendship. To the rest of Grooby staff, you have helped make this girls dream come true, I owe you all a lot!




Girls wanting to shoot for Grooby please visit Steven’s site for information! 

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