Michelle Austin, a trans woman in the adult industry; where she is a director, producer, award winning entertainer and public speaker. She has changed how the industry views beauty and body image. She has fought hard for trans women to love themselves in the skin they are in. She feels porn allows trans people to see themselves on film and if trans women seen her naked body on the screen they can look at theirs and see no shame.

Since entering into the business Michelle changed the game and blazed her own path. She never took “No” as an answer. She has opened her own companies Kennston Productions & Michelle Austin Films. Which is behind the critically acclaimed Trans Men Adventures DVD series, which was nominated for AVN, Transgender Erotica Awards, and Feminist Porn Award for best Transgendered Release. This past year her partner Dicky Johnson and herself formed the first ever Straight FTM (Female to Male) adult site FTM.XXX featuring trans men in sex with trans women and in solo action. They have also released Fifty Shade of A Tranny; a porn documentary chronicling their relationship as they both discover their sexuality together, and T-Boy Strokers a DVD¬†featuring trans men in solo action.

Michelle has been living full-time for over 15 years, and always been about trans rights, she may not be doing activism like most trans people but the path she has paved is its own activism. Michelle has taught seminars at transgender conferences around the United States, has set on transgender panel discussions about the adult industry and writes a column in Transformation Magazine; a transgender magazine.

She has recently launched her web-series T-Talk 101 where she talks about trans issues on her Youtube channel along with writing her tell all book about her struggles in the industry, growing up in a small town outside of Houston, and discovering herself through all the ups and downs of her life. She plans to keep paving the way for other trans people not only through the adult industry but in the world alone.

Michelle has been featured in Dave Naz’s Identity: In & Beyond the Binary Documentary

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